Interfaith Assistance Ministry is open for services on a walk-in basis Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Or call during business hours for assistance. (828) 697-7029

Important Notice:  Individuals requesting food or clothing assistance must come to our offices at 310 Freeman Street and call from the premises so that we may better assist you. Thank you.

There are occasional times when IAM must close early in order to serve the people who have already arrived and signed in. If you are planning to come later in the day, you can call to be sure we will be open. Appointments may also be made in some cases. Call (828) 697-7029 for more information.

You MUST be a resident of Henderson County in order to receive services and MUST bring the following:

  • Proof that you, or the client you are representing, is a Henderson County resident
  • Photo ID
  • Names and date of birth of family members living with you
  • Pay stubs and/or proof of other household income
  • Eviction notice if help with rent is needed
  • Shut-off notice if help is needed with power or utility bill (IAM CANNOT assist you with a cut-off notice that is effective that day. A minimum of two (2) working days is required to properly handle cut-offs.)
  • Monthly bills
  • Prescription or Medicine bottle if help is needed with prescription refill
  • New medicine (bring in prescription)